Your Plant Nutrition Management Partner

We provide an integrated solution to plant nutrition to help growers produce crops that reach their maximum genetic potential.

Who We Are

The technologies behind Ozadia Plant Science come from the commercial horticulture and agriculture space, informed by years of experience working with annual flowering crops.

Ozadia Plant Science is a team of plant industry professionals with experience in plant pathology, field-scale agriculture, plant health analytics, and fertilizer management.

Ozadia is known for helping growers produce crops that are resistant to diseases and insects through precision nutrient management, unlocking a crop’s potential for high yields of exceptional quality.

At Ozadia, leveraging this history with our individual experiences, we bring this same degree of science and analytical data to hemp production, and introduce growers to a higher strata of nutrition management and crop performance.

Products inside the Ozadia Solution

Our holistic system produces specific crop responses using sophisticated formulations designed to enhance the plant-soil microbial system and increase the bio-availability of plant nutrients.

We Are Your Plant Nutrition Management Partner

Seed to Harvest

The Ozadia system provides high-quality, balanced plant nutrition. Improve flower taste and aroma with our unique, hybrid approach to plant health.

Premium Plant Nutrition

Our nutrients and biological inoculants produce specific crop responses based on plant physiology and developmental stage, accentuating natural plant processes.

Advanced Commercial Support

Commercial growers may benefit from additional guidance and consultation. We’re here to help!

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