Our Story

What We Do

The Ozadia system is specifically designed to increase plant secondary metabolite concentrations and terpene profile through the maximization of the plant’s genetic potential.

We developed our products specifically for hemp, using testing and data to evaluate technologies that deliver consistent results.

Through testing we have demonstrated the ability to substantially increase bud size and weight, while increasing secondary metabolite and terpene concentration. This consistently results in oil yields that are significantly greater than a grower’s standard treatment.

Our products contain rigorously sourced, clean ingredients, free from toxic compounds or by-products that could be absorbed by the plant. The products are engineered to produce specific crop responses and help maximize the plant’s genetic potential.

At Ozadia, we also believe healthy plants produce exceptional disease and insect resistance.

Our Team

We provide an integrated, holistic solution to plant health adaptive plant nutrition and microbial inoculation, lab analytics, and consistent customer support.

Christian has focused his career on helping growers achieve their goals, while reducing reliance on pesticide use. After 5 years in HVAC focusing on environmental controls, Christian pursued formal education from The Ohio State University, acquiring his B.S. in Agriculture, majoring in Plant Health Management. With experience in commercial greenhouse cultivation of both annual bedding crops and cannabis, Christian understands the inherent challenges of many growers. Christian specializes in integrated pest management, environmental automation systems, plant pathology and entomology, as well as propagation and weed management.

John is co-founder of Ozadia and the founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture, a leading plant nutrition and biostimulants company. John, a member of the Amish community, has become an expert in the field of biological and regenerative farming, and a thought leader in the movement to help fellow farmers with the education, tools and strategies that will have a global effect on the food supply and those who are growing that supply. John is the host of the Regenerative Agriculture Podcast, where he interviews top scientists and growers about the science and principles of implementing regenerative agriculture on a large scale.

Todd has worked in the media and entertainment industries for over 20 years. He has a diverse background as a writer, producer and executive on a wide array of entertainment projects for Fox and Warner Bros., record labels Interscope and Shady Records, music video website Vevo, recording artists Eminem, Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert, and global brands including The Limited, Samsung and Intel. Todd initiates dynamic marketing campaigns that leverage social followings and various distribution channels, to push content in meaningful and significant ways. Todd holds a masters in film from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and a bachelors degree from Trinity College.

Paul has dedicated his career to leading dynamic global agriculture and food companies in their development into sector leaders, across the Americas and Asia. Prior to joining Ozadia, Paul was an executive at Fertilaqua, a leading plant nutrition company in Brazil, where he remains a board member and advisor to Aqua Capital, a South American private equity fund focused on agribusiness and food. Previously, he founded and managed The Freshary, China’s first certified organic ice cream and baked goods producer and retailer. Paul began his career in agribusiness at Bunge. He holds bachelors and masters degrees from the Univ. of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School.

Jason leads the strategic direction and business development of Ozadia. His intuitive management, comprehensive analytical skills and hands-on farming experience, make him an effective leader and a highly sought after crop advisor. Jason has gained his knowledge of soil fertility and plant nutrition, and developed a passion for agronomy, through over 10 years of leadership at Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA), and over 20 years of work in agricultural production. He and his family also run a small grass-fed beef farm in Indiana.

Philippe is the Managing Director of Zeno Capital Partners, a New York City based venture capital firm that invests in companies designed to solve critical problems that affect billions of people, including those that positively impact the quantity, quality and nutrient density of food grown worldwide.