Our Solution

We are your plant nutrition management partner

We provide an integrated, holistic solution to plant health adaptive plant nutrition and microbial inoculation, lab analytics, and consistent customer support.

Our Process

The Ozadia team is focused on ensuring your success. We take a very hands on approach to working with your operation. We conduct an initial visit and assessment to deeply understand your operation, learn about employees, growing systems in place, current nutritional management, any major pest problems, irrigation water quality, growing media being used, and more.

We provide in depth training on the use of our products and optimum applications. We customize application rates and timing based on the rate of plant growth and critical points of developmental influence. We identify precisely when plants are increasing their nutrient uptake at different growth stages. We also train key employees how to collect plant and soil samples for lab analysis, and how to conduct real-time testing we use to gauge nutrient absorption.

We provide detailed recommendations for nutrient application protocols throughout the entire grow cycle, and make any adjustments needed based on lab analyses and efficiency of nutrient absorption. Our team is always available to ensure products are being applied correctly, and samples are being taken properly.

Cream of the Crop